Cancer Survivors Bootcamp

An online educational bootcamp for people affected by cancer – whether you’re undergoing treatment, in remission, or seeking to prevent cancer.

Did you know that one in two of us is predicted to get cancer, so if you don’t have cancer, you’ll know someone who has Cancer.

My name is Mr Keto and yes, I am going through it also; having been given a prognosis of 2 years, I had to take matters into my own hand to stay alive. I spent the last 2-year scrambling through YouTube trying to find information about possible treatment that can keep me alive—

Nearly £100k later, I realize the cure is in throwing the kitchen Sink at it, meaning everything from Chemotherapy, intravenous vitamin C, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, Full body Hyperthermia, a keto diet and a lot of supplements; but the NHS and many people do not have the resources to do this.

So, don’t be like me and wait to be invited for a test to discover you have cancer; 2 years on and I still have no symptoms but it’s all going on inside.

Traditional cancer treatment only works for 10-20% of the population, so it’s very important to educate yourself on integrated Cancer Revolution.

I have put together this online 2-day Cancer Survivors Bootcamp. To educate you about the ABC’s of Integrated Cancer Revolution.

  • A = For Awareness and Avoidance
  • B = For Beating It
  • C = For Consistent Remission.

Mr Keto presents: Cancer Survivors Bootcamp, bringing together experts from around the world to shed light on the integrated world of cancer treatment.

Give yourself the best chance of survival. Take matters into your own hands and learn all you can to stay alive. Mainstream cancer treatments alone are not always enough. By educating yourself and exploring additional options, you can support your treatment with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery more effectively. The lifestyle interventions you undertake through knowledge can greatly impact your survival.

Why spend hours scrambling through YouTube and Google, trying to find information like:

  1. The best treatment options
  2. What to eat and what not to eat
  3. What supplements to take
  4. Exercise and stress management
  5. Success stories from others who have beaten cancer
  6. How to change your lifestyle to prevent cancer from returning?

Unfortunately, many people have not been lucky enough to find the right information and have lost their lives due to traditional cancer treatments. Traditional cancer treatment only works for 10-20% of the population. That’s why it’s crucial to educate yourself and take matters into your own hands.

Knowing firsthand how lonely the journey of survival and information research can be, Mr Keto has brought together a panel of experts for this regular three-day training bootcamp. Join us to have all the information laid out and get all your questions answered. Become well-informed and equipped to face cancer head-on.

Our Live Speakers

Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum MD

Highly skilled and experienced medical professional in the field of integrative oncology. With over 60 years of combined experience within the team…


Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi

Highly skilled Functional Medicine clinical Oncologist, international Speaker, and the Founder of AWARE clinic, a professional Educational.


Patricia Daly

Highly knowledgeable and respected figure in the field of nutrition, particularly in relation to the ketogenic diet and its impact on cancer.


Dr Chris Duhon

I grew up in a small town in southern Louisiana near Lafayette. As I matured and experienced life, particularly, medical school, what I discovered


Dates and Timing

Date Start End Description
7th October 2023 09:30 10:00 Introduction by Mr Keto
10:00 10:30 Dr Waffa
10:30 11:00 Dr Waffa
11:00 11:30 Dr Waffa
11:30 12:00 Break
12:00 12:30 Dr Duhon
12:30 13:00 Dr Duhon
13:00 13:30 Dr Duhon
13:30 14:00 Break
14:00 14:30 Dr Slocum
14:30 15:00 Dr Slocum
15:00 15:30 Dr Slocum
15:30 16:00
8th October 2023 09:30 10:00
10:30 11:00 Patricia Daly
11:00 11:30 Patricia Daly
12:00 12:30 Break
12:30 13:00 Patricia Daly
13:O0 13:30 Patricia Daly
13:30 14:00 Break
14:O0 14:30 Stress & Resilience
14:30 15:00 Stress & Resilience
15:O0 15:30 Stress & Resilience
15:30 16:00 Survivor Stories