Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum MD

Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum MD

Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum MD, co-founder of Chemothermia, is a highly skilled and experienced medical professional in the field of integrative oncology. With over 60 years of combined experience within the team of oncology, Dr. Slocum brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Cancer Survival Bootcamp.

Dr. Slocum’s extensive experience encompasses both conventional cancer treatment and evidence-based complementary therapies. This integration allows him to offer a comprehensive approach to cancer care, combining the best practices from various modalities to optimize treatment outcomes.

As a co-founder of Chemothermia, a pioneering integrative oncology clinic established in 2010, Dr. Slocum has played a significant role in the development and application of innovative treatment modalities. The clinic’s focus on metabolic supported chemotherapy sets it apart, as this approach specifically targets and weakens cancer cells, increasing the effectiveness of treatment while reducing the side effects associated with traditional toxic cancer therapies.

Dr. Slocum’s expertise extends to the integration of a ketogenic diet, hyperthermia, hyperbaric oxygen, and high-dose infusions of nutrients such as vitamin C. By combining these elements, Chemothermia aims to consistently achieve positive results, particularly in cases of stage 4 cancer. The clinic’s success stories and testimonials provide evidence of the effectiveness of their approach.

Through his knowledge and experience, Dr. Slocum brings a deep understanding of the mechanisms underlying cancer treatment and the importance of personalized, comprehensive care. His skills in integrating conventional and complementary therapies empower participants of the Cancer Survival Bootcamp to explore treatment options beyond traditional methods.

Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum MD’s contribution to the Cancer Survival Bootcamp ensures that participants gain insights into innovative treatment modalities and understand the potential benefits of metabolic supported chemotherapy. His expertise, combined with the clinic’s success stories, offers hope and inspiration to individuals seeking alternative approaches to cancer treatment. By sharing his knowledge and experiences, Dr. Slocum plays a crucial role in empowering participants to make informed decisions about their cancer care and enhance their chances of positive treatment outcomes.