Dr. Rosy Daniel

Dr. Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh

Dr. Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh is a Health Creation Consultant with extensive education, skills, and experience in the field of integrative medicine. She obtained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree with First Class Honours in Physiology from Cardiff. Following that, she pursued a medical qualification (MBBCh) at the University Hospital of Wales.

Dr. Daniel’s journey into integrative medicine began during her training as a General Practitioner (GP) in Bristol. In 1985, she joined the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, where she immersed herself in the study of complementary medicine, psychological approaches, and self-help techniques. Witnessing the transformative self-healing journeys of individuals at the center, she was inspired to write her first book, “Loving Medicine,” in 1989.

Her dedication to integrating conventional and complementary medicine led her to develop what is now known as “Integrative Medicine.” Dr. Daniel returned to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in 1989 and spent the next decade researching, developing, and practicing this approach. During this time, she gained valuable experience and knowledge in bridging the gap between orthodox and complementary therapies, empowering individuals to actively participate in their own self-healing process.

In 1996, Dr. Daniel became the Medical Director and CEO of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, earning the patronage of HRH the Prince of Wales for the center in 1997. Her research and focus group studies conducted at Bristol highlighted the need for proactive support and self-help within the cancer community.

Driven by the desire to bring proactive health coaching to individuals and organizations, Dr. Daniel founded the Health Creation consultancy. Through this consultancy, she has trained numerous Health Creation Mentors who have gone on to become Health Creation Consultants, spreading the approach to hospitals, schools, and businesses. The Health Creation approach aims to create a positive health culture and improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Dr. Daniel’s contributions to integrative medicine extend beyond her consultancy work. She serves as the Director of the British College of Integrative Medicine and founded the Health and Wellbeing Trust, which operated from 2007 to 2022.

With her scientifically based Regenerative Health Programme, Dr. Daniel continues to pioneer preventive healthcare. She offers specialized, individualized care and support to achieve measurable health gains for her clients. Dr. Daniel’s approach focuses on preventing illness, reversing disease, and promoting peak health and happiness.

Dr. Rosy Daniel’s extensive education, skills, and experience make her a highly respected figure in the field of integrative medicine. Her work and contributions have empowered individuals to take control of their health and well-being, bridging the gap between conventional and complementary approaches to achieve holistic healing.